Smart HD TV


Sonashi LED TV has narrow bezels with a modern and sleek design that perfectly compliments the aesthetics of your interior. A wide viewing angle grants the needed flexibility to position seating beyond the centre. Availability of options like HD, Full HD and Ultra HD provides you with a choice to select TV according to your needs. With Smart and WiFi functions, you can watch your favourite content from Youtube, Netflix and other OTT apps directly on your TV. The presence of USB slots and HDMI Input offers you even more connectivity options for enhanced entertainment that completes with powerful inbuilt speakers.

Digital controls / LCD display: This makes it easier to be precise. Set the right temperature and the exact time in order to get results that are delicious every time. Use the touch screen LCD screen to increase or decrease the fan speed and temperature.

Food-grade basket and pan: Made of durable teflon, the food basket and pan that comes with the Sonashi Air Fryer meet the high standards set by the LFGB for Europe and the FDA for America.

Safety: This air fryer comes with a built-in overheat protection system that shuts down the cooking appliance to ensure the safety of the user and the fryer.