Electric Irons

Electric Irons

Sonashi’s electric iron is an all-in-one iron, offering dry and steam iron, with spray and bust steam features. Our electric iron is the only one you need if you require both dry and steam iron. It comes with a non-stick sole, so you never burn your favourite garments. Fabric-based temperature control simplifies the temperature adjustment process; use the given knob to set the fabric type, and indicator light informs you when the iron is ready to use, based on the temperature settings. Its comfortable grip and lightweight design offer a relaxed ironing experience. If you like heavy iron, our heavy dry iron is for you.

Non-stick Soleplate: The soleplate is designed to glide easily over the fabric and remove wrinkles without damaging the material.

Easy Temperature Settings: Set the right temperature for the type of fabric you are ironing to get the best and safest results. The markings on the iron box will help you choose the right settings every time.

Indicator Lights: This feature lets you know when the iron box is hot and ready for use.

Ergonomic Handle: The handles are designed to be comfortable even after prolonged use.