Electric Oven

Electric Ovens

With Sonashi’s electric oven range, you not only get basic ovens but ovens with rotisserie and convection function (with fan), as well. So whether you love baked foods, grilled recipes or rotisserie items, all you need is an electric oven from Sonashi. Available in different sizes, our ovens have precise temperature control systems for a faultless outcome and a timer with a bell for you to know when a task is over, helping you save time as you need not keep a watch on what’s happening. And you can stay worry-free about over-cooking. The inside lamp enables you to monitor the operation. The stainless heating element preserves the food quality. Plus, the auto shut facility controls energy consumption.

Rotisserie: To grill chicken to a delicious brown or to cook large kebabs at one go, a rotisserie is invaluable. Skewer the best cuts using our spit roast right at home – your guests will thank you for perfectly cooked, crisp-and-juicy fine chops. Better still, get a larger oven that can grill multiple chickens in order to save precious prep time.

Bake tray: What’s a real foodie to do after a meal, when the food’s all gone? Get dessert, of course. Make sure to pick an oven with a bake tray to satisfy your sweet tooth. Besides making scrumptious cookies, bread, oat squares and cakes, these trays can also hold and make a large number of brownies, made especially for your loved ones as a holiday treat.