Gas Stove

Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves are among the most used appliances in any kitchen. Gas burner UAE offered by Sonashi are not only safe and sturdy but have an aesthetic appeal, too. The automatic ignition system in our gas stoves makes it safe to use, as you don’t have to rely on matchsticks or gas lighters. A flame failure safety device protects you and your family from fire accidents by automatically stopping the gas flow if flames get blown off while the knob is on. The cast-iron burner holder and brass burner cap are well-built to make cooking a pure experience of joy.

Flame failure safety: A flame failure safety device ensures that the flame of the stove doesn’t cause damage or affect the safety of the user.

No matches, no batteries: Using matches can be a big safety hazard, especially around LPG. It’s best to opt for a stove which doesn’t need you to use matches, as they are known to be safer – the safest alternative is an automatic ignition system.

Cast iron burner holders: These holders have a high resistance to heat, and they’re sturdy, ensuring that the cooker or vessel placed on the stove is safe and levelled.

Low gas consumption: An appliance that consumes less LPG is better suited for the environment, and, of course, it’s more cost efficient.