Hand Mixer

Hand Mixers

From smoothies and protein shakes to soups, sauces, and beyond, a Sonashi hand blender can do wonders in your kitchen. With multiple speed settings, you can achieve the perfect consistency as demanded by the recipe. Available in variations, you can choose between a plastic and metal body and a plastic body and stainless steel shaft. Hand blenders come with a wall holder for handy storage. Powered by a powerful motor, blenders blend hard ingredients with ease. Thoughtful design makes it convenient to use, easy to operate and simple to clean. Sonashi’s range of hand blenders offers something for everyone.

Turbo switch: A hand mixer is meant to make things faster and easier for you in the kitchen. Why not kick it up a notch? Get one that has the turbo function. Break and mix even the toughest ingredients within seconds.

Multi-speed setting: Set to low to quickly whisk eggs or to high to knead dough thoroughly; a multi-speed dial is a must-have feature for this appliance.

Eject button: Nobody likes making a mess in the kitchen. It’s only going to make things harder while cleaning up later. That’s why our mixers have eject buttons to smoothen the transition – when you’re done using the appliance, press the eject button to remove the beaters or hooks safely.