Hot Plates

Hot Plates

We all need an appliance that offers flexibility while reducing our cooking time. Hot plates by Sonashi is the answer to all such needs. Wide plates allow using wide-base cookware, while the compact design makes it easy to store and carry. Sonashi’s hot plate offers accurate temperature regulation with its easy-to-use control knob and auto thermostat so that you never undercook or overcook food. Non-slip rubber pads ensure that the hot plate remains in place throughout the cooking process. Indicator light tells whether the hot plate is on or off. With us, you can buy both single and double hot plates models.

Adjustable Temperature Control: These Sonashi Hot Plates come with temperature control knobs that are easy to use and control. Ensure your dishes are cooked at the right temperature so they come out perfect.

Non-slip Rubber Feet: The non-slip rubber feet ensure the hot plate doesn’t move around when you vigorously stir the dishes you are cooking.

Stainless Steel Body: Since the Sonashi Hot Plate has a stainless steel body, it is very easy to clean up after a cooking session.

On/Off indicator lights: These lights let you know when the hot plate is on and ready for use.