Juice Extractor

Juice Extractors

Are you looking for a perfect juicer blender Get that with us. With Sonashi’s wide range of highly functional juice extractors having juice and residue separator mechanism, relishing the tasty, healthy, and safe drinks is a matter of a few minutes. The multiple speed control setting with pulse option for instant speed lets you decide the pace of juicing and enables you to get a superb texture. Further, the use of a high-quality copper motor with overheat protection ensures effective operations. The food-grade accessories don’t mess with the properties of the juices. The best part, the parts are detachable and, thus, easy to clean.

Whole fruit juice extractor: An appliance with ‘whole fruit’ capability means that you don’t have to peel the fruit or separate the seeds for the juicer to be effective – let the machine take care of all that for you.

Motor overheat protection: If the juicer is used for extended periods of time everyday, this feature assures that it’s safe, even if you do make a juice or smoothie a part of every meal.

Mesh strainer: The attached strainer will separate any remaining minute bits of pulp from the juice, making it more enjoyable.