Meat Grinders

Meat Grinders

Mincing meat is time-demanding and tiring work! Not with Sonashi’s range of powerful meat grinders. Stainless steel blades effortlessly turn meat into mincemeat, saving your hours of precious time. The reverse function allows you to prevent jams and lets you get an evenly grind outcome. With high capacity metal, the hopper can process a large volume of meat in less time and effort. You can choose between 3 cutting plates as per your needs. Meat grinders come with Kubbe attachment — making the filling for your favourite food made as easy as it can.

Powerful Motor: Sonashi Meat Grinders come with a powerful motor that will mince meat efficiently to get the right texture without consuming too much power.

Blades: The stainless steel blades used are very sharp and slice through meat like butter. The blades are also easy to clean after mincing as nothing sticks to the blade.

Kubbe Attachment: If Kubbe is one of your favourite Middle Eastern dishes, then you are in luck. This meat grinder comes with an attachment to help you prepare this dish easily.

Large Capacity Metal Hopper: The metal hopper acts as a feeder to this kitchen appliance. You can also pile the meat up in the hopper to make it easy and less time consuming to feed the machine.