Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Makers

Planning a movie night and need home-cooked popcorn? Explore the nostalgia-filled with delicious aroma in seasoned popcorn. Sonashi brings a super amazing popcorn machine in a handy size with easy-to-use functioning. Now, whenever you want to have your favorite snacks, the popcorn maker will be there to make your life easier. It is designed with high-quality plastic and uses hot air to cook healthy popcorn. The popcorn maker comes with a large capacity of 60 g. Invite your friends to a house party and serve everyone big bowls of buttered popcorn. This machine comes with the standard performance and allows you to cook delicious popcorn without making a mess. The quality build and impeccable design make it highly durable and safe for use. Have the luxury of satisfying the cravings with homemade popcorn.

Measuring cup: This will help you set how much popcorn is made at one use. Making a batch for yourself? Fill fewer corn kernels into the measuring cup. But if you’re making a batch for many friends, by all means, fill that cup to the brim.

Cooking type: A hot air popcorn maker is much healthier than one that uses oil to cook.

Capacity: A large capacity means the machine can make more popcorn at one go. Sonashi’s popcorn maker has a large capacity of 60g, making it versatile enough for a small get-together at home over TV shows or for a house party.