Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Makers

Sandwiches are love! So should be the process of their making. With Sonashi sandwich maker, sandwich making is a lot quicker and easier. Non-stick grill plate rescues you from the hardships of food stick and cleaning. Also, you don’t have to add extra butter to prevent a burn, which means less fat in every bite. The cool touch body of the Sonashi sandwich maker keeps accidental burns due to touching the hot surface at bay. Two indicator light system makes it easy to know the power on and ready to use mode. Overheat protection saves your money by saving the appliance from burning. Purchase Sonashi home appliances with confidence!

Cool Touch Body: Sonashi Sandwich Makers are designed to be safe, with an outer Cool Touch Body that will prevent accidental burns. Even the handles stay cool to touch making it easy to open and check on the progress.

Non-Stick Grill Plate: Food sticking to the cooking appliance is very annoying. With non-stick grill plates, you don’t have to worry about a sticky burnt mess. This feature also makes it significantly easier to clean.

Overheat Protection: This feature protects the appliance by turning it off in case it gets too hot.

Handle Lock: Latch the lock on the handle of this portable device to ensure the sandwich is held in place while being toasted.