Hair Dryer

Hair Dryers

Sonashi Hair Dryer range is the only one you need to look at, no matter the requirements. With multi-speed and variable heat options, you can get the desired style without impacting your hair quality. Offers high-grade and quick-dry performance loved by professionals; credit goes to high wattage AC motors. The cool shot button lets you lock the hairstyle immediately and for a long time. Designed in a way that makes it easy to store and carry along, our dryers’ overheat protection feature saves you and the dryer from damage. Hair Dryers by Sonashi come with multiple nozzles and attachments to make it easy to achieve the look you are fond of. Checkout with Sonashi hair dryer now!

Speed and Heat Settings: Employ the multiple speed and heat settings to quickly dry and set your hair. Choose the right temperature for your hair to ensure you maximize results without damaging your hair.

Wattage: The more powerful the hair dryer the quicker it will dry your hair. Sonashi high-performance hair dryers will help you cut down on styling time.

Ceramic: Ceramic is perfect in hair dryers as it helps generate much more heat safely. It is better for your hair as it dries your hair from the inside out, thus preventing heat damage.

Overheating Protection: This safety feature ensures the hair dryer does not overheat, thereby preventing any damage to the user or the blow dryer.

Cool Shot Button: Press the Cool Shot Button to cut the heat and blow cool air onto your hair. This helps set your hairstyle more effectively.

Weight and Portability: Sonashi hair dryers are designed to be lightweight to make it while drying your hair less stressful on your arms. The foldable design makes it easy to carry around in your toiletry bag without taking up much space. Some models even come with a hang-up hook, which you can use to hang the blow dryer on a hook in order to save space in your bathroom.

Attachments: Use the diffuser attachment to widen the flow of hot air or use the concentrator to focus dry a particular section. When used properly you can reduce frizz, while increasing volume and shine.