Hair Trimmers

Hair Trimmers

Get a hair trimmer to avoid the salon visit and gift yourself a little more free time. Do you want to have the best hair trimmer, then you have Sonashi at your service. We are a top-rated seller for men trimmer. Our products are uncomplicated to operate. Available in different models, including corded and cordless, our grooming products give you complete freedom. The cordless models come with rechargeable batteries. Equipped with a powerful yet noiseless motor, Sonashi’s gadgets are suitable for you, irrespective of the length and type of hair. The ergonomic design of our trimmers take care of your comfort, and the use of a high-quality, easy to maintain stainless steel blade offers a clean look every time.

Powerful Motor: The powerful motors used in Sonashi hair clippers ensure that it is effective on any hair type and length, while producing minimal noise.

Corded/Cordless: Corded hair clippers are generally a little more powerful and are ideal for regular use at home. But if you travel a lot or simply want to be able to move without any restrictions while cutting or trimming your hair, opt for cordless hair clippers which have rechargeable batteries. Just remember to charge cordless models in advance so they don’t run out of power.

Accessories: Accessories are your friends when it comes to trimming or cutting your hair by yourself. They help you style your hair perfectly and aid in ensuring the right length of hair is cut, every single time. Accessories such as nose, ear and eyebrow trimmers make trimming hair in difficult-to-reach areas safe and simple. The micro shaver tip and precision trimmer make shaving tricky areas child’s play.

Blades: The sharpness and durability of the stainless steel blades used in these Sonashi Hair Clippers ensure the best shave again and again, even after regular use. The blades are also easy to clean and maintain.

Ergonomic Handles: Sonashi hair clippers are designed to be comfortable to hold, no matter how long you take to get the right look.